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Kynix 부품 번호: KY32-ADSP-2191MBCA-140
제조업체 부품 번호:


제품 분류: 임베디드 - DSP(디지털 신호 프로세서)
제조업체: Analog Devices
  datasheetADSP-2191MBCA-140 Datasheet
꾸러미: 144-MiniBGA
수량: 1041 PCS
무연 여부 / RoHS 준수 여부: 무연 / RoHS 준수
수분 민감도 레벨(MSL): 3(168 시간)
주문 가능 수량
수량:1,041즉시 선적 가능
입력 수량:
최소 주문 수량:1
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사양꾸러미 지불운송판매 후의 품질보증
제조업체: Analog Devices Inc.
제품 분류: 임베디드 - DSP(디지털 신호 프로세서)
계열: ADSP-21xx
유형: Fixed Point
포장: Tray
패키지/케이스: 144-LFBGA
작동 온도: -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
실장 유형: Surface Mount
인터페이스: Host Interface, SPI, SSP, UART
공급 장치 패키지: 144-MiniBGA (10x10)
클록 속도: 140MHz
비휘발성 메모리: External
온칩 RAM: 160kB
전압 - I/O: 3.00V, 3.30V
전압 - 코어: 2.50V
특징, 응용


6.25 ns Instruction Cycle Time, for up to 160 MIPS Sustained Performance 

ADSP-218x Family Code Compatible with the Same Easy to Use Algebraic Syntax 

Single-Cycle Instruction Execution 

Single-Cycle Context Switch between Two Sets of Computation and Memory Instructions 

Instruction Cache Allows Dual Operand Fetches in Every Instruction Cycle

Multifunction Instructions 

Pipelined Architecture Supports Efficient Code Execution 

Architectural Enhancements for Compiled C and C++ Code Efficiency 

Architectural Enhancements beyond ADSP-218x Family are Supported with Instruction Set Extensions for Added Registers, and Peripherals 

Flexible Power Management with User-Selectable Power-Down and Idle Modes


160K Bytes On-Chip RAM Configured as 32K Words 24-Bit Memory RAM and 32K Words 16-Bit Memory RAM 

Dual-Purpose 24-Bit Memory for Both Instruction and Data Storage 

Independent ALU, Multiplier/Accumulator, and Barrel Shifter Computational Units with Dual 40-Bit 


Unified Memory Space Allows Flexible Address Generation, Using Two Independent DAG Units 

Powerful Program Sequencer Provides Zero-Overhead 

Looping and Conditional Instruction Execution 

Enhanced Interrupt Controller Enables Programming of Interrupt Priorities and Nesting Modes


Host Port with DMA Capability for Glueless 8- or 16-Bit 

Host Interface 

16-Bit External Memory Interface for up to 16M Words of Addressable Memory Space 

Three Full-Duplex Multichannel Serial Ports, with Support for H.100 and up to 128 TDM Channels with A-Law and -Law Companding Optimized for Telecommunications Systems 

Two SPI-Compatible Ports with DMA Support 

UART Port with DMA Support 

16 General-Purpose I/O Pins with Integrated Interrupt Support Three Programmable Interval Timers with 

PWM Generation, PWM Capture/Pulsewidth Measurement, and External Event Counter Capabilities 

Up to 11 DMA Channels Can Be Active at Any Given Time for High I/O Throughput 

On-Chip Boot ROM for Automatic Booting from External 8- or 16-Bit Host Device, SPI ROM, or UART with Autobaud Detection 

Programmable PLL Supports 1 to 32 Input Frequency Multiplication and Can Be Altered during Runtime 

IEEE JTAG Standard 1149.1 Test Access Port Supports On-Chip Emulation and System Debugging

2.5 V Internal Operation and 3.3 V I/O 

144-Lead LQFP and 144-Ball Mini-BGA Packages

검색 소자 모델 : "ADSP-" 포함 단어 15
부품 번호 제조업체 꾸러미 수량 제품 요약
ADSP-21369BSWZ-1A Analog Devices Inc. LQFP-208 1042 IC DSP 32BIT 266MHZ 208LQFP
ADSP-BF606BBCZ-4 Analog Devices Inc. 349-CSPBGA 1044 IC DSP CTLR DUAL 349CSPBGA
ADSP-2183BSTZ-160 Analog Devices Inc. LQFP-128 1050 IC DSP CONTROLLER 16BIT 128LQFP
ADSP-CM407CSWZ-BF Analog Devices Inc. 176-LQFP-EP 1061 IC ARM CORTEX M4 FLASH 120LQFP
ADSP-CM403CSWZ-EF Analog Devices Inc. 120-LQFP-EP 1076 IC ARM CORTEX M4 FLASH 120LQFP
ADSP-2189NKSTZ-320 Analog Devices Inc. 100-LQFP 1084 IC DSP CONTROLLER 16BIT 100LQFP
ADSP-2105BP-80 Analog Devices PLCC 1114
ADSP-21573BBCZ-4 Analog Devices 400-CSPBGA (17x17) 9500 2X SHARC, DDR, BGA PACKAGE
ADSP-2101BP-50 Analog Devices PLCC 1130
ADSP-BF700KCPZ-2 Analog Devices Inc. 88-LFCSP-VQ 1131 IC DSP LP 128KB L2SR 88LFCSP
ADSP-2187NKSTZ-320 Analog Devices Inc. 100-LQFP 1146 IC DSP CONTROLLER 16BIT 100LQFP
ADSP-BF512KSWZ-4 Analog Devices QFP 1146
ADSP-BF547YBC-4A Analog Devices Inc. 400-CSPBGA 1154 IC DSP BLACKFIN 400MHZ 400CSPBGA
ADSP-2187NBCA-320 Analog Devices Inc. 144-CSPBGA 1167 IC DSP 16BIT 80MHZ 144CSBGA
ADSP-TS101SAB2-000 Analog Devices Inc. 484-PBGA 1174 IC DSP CONTROLLER 6MBIT 484 BGA
ADSP-2191MBCA-140 관련 제품 이미지
  • ADSP-21369BSWZ-1A
  • ADSP-BF606BBCZ-4
  • ADSP-2183BSTZ-160
  • ADSP-2189NKSTZ-320
  • ADSP-2105BP-80
  • ADSP-21573BBCZ-4
  • ADSP-2101BP-50
  • ADSP-BF700KCPZ-2
  • ADSP-2187NKSTZ-320
  • ADSP-BF512KSWZ-4
  • ADSP-BF547YBC-4A
  • ADSP-2187NBCA-320
  • ADSP-TS101SAB2-000
ADSP-2191MBCA-140 관련 키워드.
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 가격
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 도매상
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 제조업체
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 기술 데이터
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 PDF
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 데이트씨트
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 그림
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 사진
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 파트
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 주식
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 재고
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 견적요청
  • 구매 ADSP-2191MBCA-140
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 문의
  • ADSP-2191MBCA-140 온라인 주문


최신 제품

TMS320C6671ACYPA  Texas Instruments

TMS320C6671ACYPAEmbedded - DSP (Digital Signal Processors), ,IC DSP FIX/FLOAT POINT 841FCBGA

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TMS320C6455BCTZ2  Texas Instruments

TMS320C6455BCTZ2Embedded - DSP (Digital Signal Processors), ,IC DSP FIXED-POINT 697FCBGA

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TMS320C5532AZHH05  Texas Instruments

TMS320C5532AZHH05Embedded - DSP (Digital Signal Processors), ,IC DSP FIXED-POINT 144BGA

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TMS320C5534AZHH05  Texas Instruments

TMS320C5534AZHH05Embedded - DSP (Digital Signal Processors), ,IC DSP FIXED-POINT 144BGA

상세 정보

TMS320C5532AZHHA10  Texas Instruments

TMS320C5532AZHHA10Embedded - DSP (Digital Signal Processors), ,IC DSP FIXED-POINT 144BGA

상세 정보

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